News room

Feb 2016
DALIBEANS announced the website.

Jan 2011
DALIBEANS signed to purchase DBConsulting Co,. Ltd. by end of Mar 2011.

Feb 2010
DALIBEANS signed a agreement with DBConsulting on software development of Cloud computing infrastructure.

Jan 2009
DALIBEANS became a member of the JPML project.

Feb 2008
DALIBEANS signed to invest DBConsulting on research of Software Industry Initiative technology.

Dec 2007
DALIBEANS helped funding a software company in Beijing, China focusing on the R/D of software intelligence and automation technologies.

Jun 2007
DALIBEANS provided funding to DBConsulting on development of financial trading software.

May 2006
DALIBEANS, with business partners started a funding investment on R&D of Software Factories Initiative and Grid Component Architecture .

Sep 2004
dbSpeedy software package is a set of distributed integrated infrastructure software providing financial customers an effective way to automate their business.

Mar 2003
Teka, as a tele-communication software vendor became the first business partner in the US. The agreement helps DALIBEANS to get an opportunity of selling financial software to US customers.

Dec 2002 web site goes live

Nov 2002 – dbQuote™ comes up
dbQuote™ is a set of java based financial components which allows users to display real-time stock market information.

Jun 2002
On 14th, was Founded to be a provider of integrated real-time information and transaction services.